Ruzbeh Mehta

Always going beyond the call of duty, in his daily cleaned cab and smartly dressed in full uniform, Ruzbeh greets his customers with a warm and friendly smile, opening the doors and eagerly assisting them with their shopping and luggage. Ruzbeh is a credit to the taxi industry and an asset for tourism to South Australia, such a friendly and enthusiastic “old school” young taxi driver.

And the passengers love what they see as there have been several commendations from the public. Ruzbeh went to extraordinary measures to return $1150 cash to an elderly passenger. The lengths he went to to find the owner and return the cash was such an impressive achievement it featured in the front page of the Advertiser and reaching the news and papers in India.

He again demonstrated exemplary honesty when he found a wallet in his taxi at the end of his shift. Upon discovering the wallet, he made several attempts to find the owner, finally leaving it with the Australian Federal Police at the Adelaide Airport where it was returned to the owner on the following day.

Taxi Council SA

Since its foundation in 1990, the Taxi Council SA (TCSA) has served as the peak taxi-cab industry body in South Australia. Its purpose is to lead the taxi industry and enable it to provide a quality, efficient and demand responsive transport service which achieves customer satisfaction and a fair return for all of its participants.

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