Pawan Kumar

Pawan has been driving taxis in Adelaide since 2008, striving to deliver the best possible service to every customer every day.

He mentors younger drivers and draws on his training in community welfare to help elderly and infirm passengers. He also washes, polishes and disinfects his taxi every morning.

Not surprisingly, Pawan’s friendly nature, enthusiastic approach and well maintained vehicle has seen him become a fast favourite for many customers and an excellent ambassador for the taxi industry.

Taxi Council SA

Since its foundation in 1990, the Taxi Council SA (TCSA) has served as the peak taxi-cab industry body in South Australia. Its purpose is to lead the taxi industry and enable it to provide a quality, efficient and demand responsive transport service which achieves customer satisfaction and a fair return for all of its participants.

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  •  71 Richmond Road
  •  Mile End, South Australia 5031
  •  (08) 8301 8400