Sam Hasic & Allen George

A rookie cabbie and a veteran driver took out joint honours in the 2009 Adelaide Airport Taxi Driver of the Year Awards – a first for the prestigious industry awards.

The judging panel was unable to choose between the brilliant cabbies; both known for their exceptional customer service.

Allen George and Sam Hasic were chosen for their commitment to the industry, their positive approach and most importantly the service they offer their customers.

“Taxi driving is my chosen profession, because I love meeting and communicating with different people every day,” Sam said.
“If you’re doing your job properly, then it is a job that requires a lot of skill in a lot of different areas, all aimed at keeping the customer happy,” he said.

Fellow winner Allen George said that after a number of years in the industry, he still “loves the interaction with his customers”.
“It’s always an achievement to get any award, but to know you were nominated by your passengers makes it even more special,” Allen said. 

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